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FontLab 3.0 demo is available since October the 30th 1997. Pyrus FontLab is still the best Type 1 font editor, and is now also a native TrueType font editor, which implements the difficult delta hint technique, like Microsoft Visual TrueType. What does the Fontographer team mean about it, and about Fog5?

Here are some links:

The most common of the softwares wich allow the creation and the alteration of fonts, of the editor Altsys, now bought by Macromedia. (http://www.macromedia.com/software/fontographer/). This software is in the market in the version 4.1, and Macromedia proposes on its server minor updates, which fix the 4.1 and the 3.5 versions (updates, http://www.macromedia.com/support/fontographer/upndown/updates/). See the technical notes  (TechNotes, http://www.macromedia.com/support/fontographer/ts/documents/)


Fontastic Plus 2.02 (the excellent bitmap font editor, Altsys, 1988)
This is not a link, and for a good reason! Fontastic Plus is an old software of bitmap fonts creation of the Fontographer editor, Altsys, now bought by Macromedia (that doesn't support yet this software). Fontastic Plus is indeed no longer on the market; the version 2 (2.01, 2.02) is the last and only version compatible with the system 7 and more. Fontastic Plus looks like Fontographer, but edits only bitmap fonts, surely better than its powerful successor. This is a use possibility, at the time of outline fonts: you have created a Type 1 font with Fontographer; you have hand-edited the corresponding bitmap fonts (why not with Fontographer?); you have made then some metric adjustments... If you do not want to resume your bitmap fonts (Fontographer does not allow to recalculate only spacings), create a TrueType file, drag bitmap fonts in the TrueType suitcase, edit them with Fontastic Plus, and use the command Effects/Set FONT widths from FOND.


RoboFog, that is appeared recently, is a type tool realized with the code of Fontographer 3.5 (with the agreement of Macromedia!), and that can entirely be piloted by scripts, in the Python language. Is Macromedia still interested in Fontographer?


Font Information
In the table of contents, different rubrics: Comp.Fonts Home Page (false), Fonts FAQ (but the links aren't updated), (http://www.cis.ohio-state.edu/hypertext/faq/usenet/fonts-faq/top.html), the official documentation about the  TrueType format, html, Microsoft (cf. below), a TTF fonts collection (http://voyager.cns.ohiou.edu/~sadkins/web_library/fonts/font_archive/), an "exotic" fonts collection for languages with special characters  (http://babel.uoregon.edu/yamada/fonts.html). In fact, a page of "links".



TrueType Font Archive
(cf. above)



Frequently Asked Questions About Fonts
A really important document about the digital typography. This link leads to the table of contents.



comp.fonts: Programs and Demos
The home page of the famous newsgroup does no longer exist. You will find here a part of the softwares that were proposed there.
Asia Online html page. Fonts to download from a ftp server.



The Association for Font Information Interchange
The AFII home page. AFII is an association which supports the cooperation between the typographers and the fonts users, and encourage the expansion of the international standards in typography.



Internet Sites
(a links page to which leads the AFII page)



Pyrus Digital Typography
It's the editor Pyrus, famous for its fonts creation softwares, FontLab and Composer, which are at the present time only available on PC, but soon will maybe arrive a Macintosh version.



DTP, editor of TypeDesigner (by Manfred Albracht)
www.truetype.demon.co.uk: certainly the most interesting page about the TrueType format,
who speaks for instance about the TrueType fonts editors, either native or not, deals espacially with the "hints" problem, or give us an interview of Sampo Kaasila, the creator of the TrueType format:



This page speaks about different aspects of the typography. An interactive approach.



An online museum about typography.



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