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Created in July 7th, 1997   Je parle français !

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Bibliothèque Nationale de France
The National Library of France (Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Bnf) proposes a web page about its catalogues (http://www.bnf.fr/web-bnf/catalog/index.htm). You can have access to the computerized catalogue of the Bnf (Bn-Opale, http://www.bnf.fr/web-bnf/catalog/opale.htm , and Bn-Opaline, http://www.bnf.fr/web-bnf/catalog/opaline.htm). You must provide with a telnet emulator (for Macintosh, NCSA Telnet, ftp.infonie.fr/pub/mac/telnet/ncsa-telnet27b4.hqx, NiftyTelnet, http://andrew2.andrew.cmu.edu/dist/niftytelnet.html, with restriction nevertheless, about the software export outside the U.S.A.; for Windows, CRT, ftp.infonie.fr/pub/pc/telnet/ntcrt114.exe, NetTerm, http://starbase.neosoft.com/~zkrr01/netterm.html, to download, http://starbase.neosoft.com/~zkrr01/ntdl.html). The telnet address of the Bn-Opale is telnet://opale02.bnf.fr/. The password is opale (for Bn-Opaline, opaline). It's the computerized catalogue that you can consult on the premises.

The Bnf proposes a large number of bibliographical products, which list can be consulted on the web (http://www.bnf.fr/web-bnf/catalog/bibprod.htm).

Libweb (Library Information Servers Via WWW) is not a library, but give a mondial list of the libraries which offer WWW servers classified by geographical localisation. (http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/Libweb/)

Virtual bookshops

alapage (France)
The Novalis server, the biggest virtual bookshop in France, which proposes many books, and discs too... But you shouldn't look for the exhaustivity. The service proposed is not of necessity superior to the service in others good bookshops. In fact, when a book is missing, you must command it again. (http://www.alapage.tm.fr/)

amazon (U.S.A.)
The biggest virtual bookshop in the world. Even if the book is missing, amazon proposes to look for it and to offer it in the six months after the command. (http://www.amazon.com/)

KNO-K&V WWW-Katalog (Germany)
It's not really a virtual bookshop, but a service on the web which lead the commands to the habitual bookshops. (http://www.buchkatalog.de/)

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